A Silver Lining

by Bob Allen: The paradox of being forced to “go it alone” while simultaneously being encouraged to retain connection with others is wearing me out. I pine for things that feel like ancient history yet are a mere month in the rear-view. I long to celebrate, assembling as the incarnate, called out, word-defined family of … More A Silver Lining

The Discipleship Dimension of Togetherness

Can we talk for a minute about community and discipleship?

The two ideas, often discussed separately, must be married. Church is a fellowship, a collection of diverse individuals unified under the gospel of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is the process by which a believer learns to follow Jesus better. A more distinct connection must be made between fellowship and followship. One cannot disconnect the two concepts as our followship forces fellowship and our fellowship develops from our followship. Given that scriptural truth, recognize that we learn to follow Jesus better by helping others follow Jesus better. … More The Discipleship Dimension of Togetherness