A Brief Word on Church and Easy Believism

“Recently a man came to my office to talk. I learned that he had made a decision for Jesus years before, as a youth. It was sincere and heartfelt. But like me and the Red Sox, life had become busy. Marriage, work, kids, and the house all kept him away from church and personal spiritual disciplines. No one would know he was a Christian unless he told them.”

As I unpack these words, my heart reacts three ways: it breaks a little bit, it dies a little bit, and it catches fire a LOT. … More A Brief Word on Church and Easy Believism

Fixing the Leak

Deep down, everyone knows what it is like to struggle with their thought life. Sometimes the thoughts shout at the top of their lungs. Sometimes they whisper to your inattentive mind. Sometimes they catch you at inopportune times. Sometimes you miss that there an inner dialogue going on in your head. But everybody, everybody, battles their own brain. … More Fixing the Leak

The Sublime Mundane

As he searches for meaning in life, the Preacher of Ecclesiastes writes to explain the reasons life here is so unfulfilling. He writes to speak truth into the struggle, to clarify the substance of the thing, to identify that with which he is really wrestling. He understands the banality of existence, the absolute unoriginal state of being alive. Solomon grapples with boredom, as do we.

So how do we combat this boredom?

Interestingly, the answer isn’t to fill our days with more stuff, or to occupy our minds with greater, more awe-inspiring pursuits, or to attempt to find greater substance in the world. … More The Sublime Mundane


When we sprint five steps and then hop-step the next hurdle, the embarrassment of not being Edwin Moses fades away when we recognize that no matter how much better we get, the goal is to get over the hurdle and finish the race.  … More Hurdles

A Prayer

Dear God,

I’m worn out today.

I know that You’re good, that You’re powerful, that You’re greater than anything and everything that has ever existed.

In my head and in my heart, I know these truths.

But knowing them and living them are two different things. … More A Prayer