Broken Vessels

When existence is steady and peaceful, it is much easier to glimpse and appreciate beauty. When life bears down and presses us under its burdens, the suggestiveness of tranquility in the near or distant past pushes through the cracks in our heart like a smoke test. … More Broken Vessels

Good(?) Grief

For some, this holiday season will be the first without their husband, wife, sister, child, grandparent, beloved aunt, fun uncle, sibling-like cousin, life-long friend. The aching void left by death and separation throbs like nothing else during the holidays. I think it is supposed to feel that way. … More Good(?) Grief


I was considering the dispositions of people the other day, thinking through the implications of optimism, melancholy, dependence, insecurity, confidence, happiness, and the like, and a question sprung to mind: What does it look like to embrace our dispositions? … More Gravity