What is Tracing the Thread?

Over the last several years, I’ve thought long and hard about why I write. It’s really the same reason why I do what I do on a day-in, day-out basis. I’m a pastor at heart and since I began working in vocational ministry some 7 years ago, I’ve realized that people don’t look to God nearly enough.

Don’t misread that. I know people who thank God for the highs and seek him when things aren’t going well and that’s all fine, but I think we’ve (yes, myself included) missed something hugely important about our lives–God is at the center of everything that happens whether we realize it or not. C.S. Lewis once wrote that all of life is about the choice to either put God or self at the center. Therein lies the problem. When we refuse to acknowledge the centrality of God in all of life, not just his provision in the highs or his mercy in the lows, we put something other than him at the center. But I’m learning something, an amazing truth about life: everything that happens should direct us to God.

And that’s why Tracing the Thread exists, to help us all see it, to help us all figure out how our little sliver of existence points us to God. So in the coming days as I rework this website, know that I’m doing my best to figure out how to help uncover and unveil the glory of God by unpacking how our personalities, emotions, circumstances, and well, everything else points to a sovereign and just and merciful and good God who wants a relationship with us.

Because each of us needs to experience that anew each and every moment of our lives; we need to find God in all of life.