Changing out of its deep blue raiment,

the sky turns toward the sun 

and life, like my heart, 


These quiet moments

before the breaking of the day,

before the cresting of the sun on the horizon,

before the chirrups,

before the engines crank,

engulf me in their solitude,

their peace.

And all the world feels right.

The fleeting seconds pass

and shalom is driven away.

But not forever.

Another dawn is coming.

More ephemeral twinklings lay just beyond the dusky evening.

Still more short-lived, over-too-soon flashes will soon tick by,

beguiling my needy heart.

As a stomach aches for nourishment.

the soul thirsts for quietude,

pines for placidity,

spoils for solace.

Each revolution of the earth brings new 

devastation and


pain and


tumult and


fear and


Daily, they come

looked for

unlooked for all the same.

Before dawn breaks over existence,

the delicate instants, silencing life and tongue,

whisper promises of a



Over the horizon,

hastening ever nearer,

the miraculous approaches

for those who love the greatest Love of all loves.

Weeping will cease,

hurt will evaporate,

longing will fade into fulfillment,



they will hear the most blessed of words.

Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master’s rest.

And the stillness before sunrise will live on for eternity.


Photo by Lewis Meyers on Unsplash

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