The Songs We Sing

Sunday comes.
We gather.
We sing.

The savor of Christ
the aroma of grace
the scent of salvation
the essence of love
the power of the Creator
melody, and
and rhythm
producing songs
proclaiming truth,
laying hearts bare,
turning eyes toward our longings.

of mercy
of submission
of sacrifice
of grace
of love
stir emotion;
they stoke the once-cool coals of souls
into blazing brands
hopeful for a future we do not deserve.

Written into our being before time,
our words explode from within us,
climbing out of the dark places of our hearts
rising through our throats,
giving voice to
our deepest yearnings,
our shattered nature,
our unquenchable need
for restoration.

We speak words expressing
Because we need
His adequacy,
His sufficiency,
His ability.

And wonder of all wonders.
And miracle of all miracles.
And joy of all joys.

He hears.


He saves.

Arid hearts desperate for water
bathe in refreshing streams
poured out from The throne room;
saturating parched and cracked lives;
piecing together what has been broken for so long.

We respond.
We celebrate.
We sing.

Songs of joy.
Songs of praise.
Songs of lament.
Songs of remembrance.
Songs of thanksgiving.
Songs of worship.
Songs of confession.
Songs of supplication.

And He is pleased.
And He is blessed.
And He is glorified.

We gather.
We sing.

We proclaim the goodness of the One who made us
melody, and
and rhythm.

One thought on “The Songs We Sing

  1. Good job, Bob! Sounds like a song. Someone should add music. It’s really hard to believe you never had to write a poem in school. Did you ask your students to do it? Love you, and so glad you’re still growing and being challenged intellectually and in your faith and ministry. Mom

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