Some Observations

by Bob Allen:

We’re facing a really challenging time as a nation.

We’re facing a really challenging time as a state.

We’re facing a really challenging time as a county.

We’re facing a really challenging time as a city.

We’re facing a really challenging time as a community.

Here are some observations…

  1. NOBODY is “killing it”.
  2. Closeness provides great opportunity for silliness.
  3. Closeness also provides great opportunity for aggravation.
  4. YouTube workouts are hard.
  5. Routines are important.
  6. …as is changing out of your pajamas and making your bed.
  7. Children need encouragement to try new things in this time when they are not around teachers who challenge them daily.
  8. Zoom calls are a poor substitute for real interaction.
  9. This won’t be over soon enough.
  10. We also won’t remain isolated long enough.
  11. Even though we need distractions, new hobbies are hard to start.
  12. Self-isolating makes even the best people miserable cranks from time to time.

There are so many other things I could say, but let me touch on two.

There is much talk of “redeeming the time”, finding value in these moments which we will never recapture. Living in the moment has never been so important or as hard to do. We face tons of uncertainty in the coming days which intensifies the struggle to “make these days count for something”. I think we’re all wrestling with it in some way even if we don’t want to admit it. Focus on what’s in front of you and do the best that you can do. Don’t be upset because you failed to make lemon meringue pie with the lemons you’ve been given, settle for slicing them and putting them in your water like you’re at a restaurant. It is enough.

There is much grieving, not just for losses of family and friends to this horrible disease, but also over “living”; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and family gatherings. If there is one thing I have seen more than anything else in these past few weeks, it is a longing for community, a desire to be back in up close and personal relationship with other people (yes, even in some introverts if you can imagine that!). Let your desire for face time with people other than the ones living under your roof remind you that human beings are made for authentic interaction with others. Remember that you were created for fellowship. Let your longing color your conversations, your text messages, your social media posts, your zoom calls.

In times like this, it is easy to think about what you’re missing out on, but it is also a time to consider how you feel about what you’re missing.

If you’re feeling the loss, when this is all over (and who knows when that will be), do something about it.

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