Ambassadors of Hope

by Paul List:

Hello everyone, I pray this finds you all well and full of hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The past few weeks, and the weeks to come, bring us many challenges. Our very way of life has been completely disrupted in ways we have never imagined. Schools, businesses, restaurants, hair salons, and even churches have canceled their services. In many ways, this has been one of the biggest crisis in recent memory. However, there is hope.

Each generation faces new challenges. Some face global viruses, some face global war. However, all face a world corrupted and vile because of our sin. We need not look to far to see the ongoing effects of the Fall of Man. God’s good creation moans and groans under the infection of sin. The Christian worldview has an answer to the question of why. At the same time, the Christian worldview also has an answer to the problem.

The Christian walks through this life knowing this is not our home. Sure, we live here, our earthly family is here, and our memories echo down familiar streets in the places we call home. But the Christian lives knowing one day we will be called to our real, eternal home with our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. In that home, we will know no sorrow. In His home, we will feel no pain. In Heaven eternal, we will cry no more. Rust will not weaken the will of our Lord, nor will disease again haunt our joy with Him always present.

How can we know this blessed assurance? How can we know we will one day soon be with Him where sin no longer crouches, waiting to devour our each step? How can we know God really cares for and loves us? How can we know we have an eternal home, with Him? My friends, the answer is and always will be the Gospel.

The Gospel means literally the good news! As we have already discussed, God’s good creation was corrupted with sin. Sin brought and continues to bring suffering, death, disease, war and decay. There is nothing man can do to save ourselves from the effects of sin. God knows this, and sent His only Son Jesus Christ to: live a sinless life, die a sinless death, and pay for the sins of all humanity. If you believe in Him and put your faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you will be borne again by the Holy Spirit. You will begin to hate sin and your life will be marked by repentance. Then you will receive the hope and assurance of eternal life in our real home, Heaven eternal!

The question now shifts from the how, to the what. What does it mean to be a Christian? If you are truly born again, if you truly walk in the comforting shadow of His protective wing, you will want to share that love and eternal assurance with everyone you meet. That is the Great Commission. When God called you to eternal life, He also called you to spend the rest of your days here on Earth as His ambassador. Share this hope with your neighbors, friends, family and lost and hurting world.

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