Man’s Search for Truth

by: Paul List

If you want to know something, these days you just do a quick internet search. There are millions of pages of data on just about everything. However, how much is reliable? How much is false? Truth, these days, seems to be varied and dependent on opinions. What are the best shoes for running in 2020? The most common method of discovery is to check out a certain shoes rating, or a “Top Ten” You Tube video. If enough people bought the shoe and are happy and click the 5 star feedback, there is a good chance it is a decent shoe. Is it really the best though?

What standard of measurement do the 300 people who gave the shoes a “5” star rating base their review? Did they buy 100 pairs of shoes and run 10 miles in each pair? Most likely, they did not. Most likely, they bought the shoe, it did not immediately fall apart, and they wanted to confirm to the world that they made the best and most informed decision. It most likely is a very good shoe. However, do reviews qualify them as the best? Is truth dependent on opinion?

I remember watching William Lane Craig debate (a Christian Apologist) an atheist who had a PhD. The atheists’ entire argument against the belief in God was based on opinion. He was satisfied and convinced that if enough people shared the same opinion, it had to be truth. Craig was polite and very kind to the man, but he destroyed his argument. The basis of truth on popular opinion is ridiculous.

In the past, popular opinion stated the Earth is flat. There once was an opinion that getting your picture taken would steal your soul. Physicians once believed the heart made new blood constantly, now we know it is just a circulation pump. Opinions vary, shift, differ, flip and flop. Truth, it seems, is not dependent on opinion. No matter how many people reject an idea, their rejection is irrelevant to its validity. So, what is truth?

John 14:6 states, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” How do we know Jesus’ opinion is true? Could this just be another opinion like all other religious opinions? Is there some verifiable evidence to back this claim? The answer is yes. We have numerous eyewitness accounts of His power over nature, disease spirits and death. We can read accounts of His death, burial and resurrection.

We can compare Christianity’s claims against other world religions and see it is cohesive and not self-contradicting. Christianity is all about what Christ did, other religions are about what we do. If we are honest, we will confess our inability to be perfect. Finally, once we believe in Jesus, He sends His Holy Spirit into our hearts. He convicts us of sin and forgives us upon repentance. We can know the hope and assurance of eternal life.

Popular opinion never verified truth, nor will it. Put your mind and heart to work and as Paul said in Philippians 2:12, “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling.” Dig into popular belief and investigate it for yourself. You will find popular belief to be empty, full of assumption, self-centered and self-contradicting. Popular belief is not cohesive and bends with fads and politics. Popular opinion will hoist you up one day, and gut you the next. Popular opinion leads to judgement and damnation, while truth leads to reconciliation and eternal life. Truth is eternal. Truth is inflexible. Truth is found in only one place, and His name is Jesus!

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