Ready with the Truth

by Paul List:

Luke 12:35 says, “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning…” This is a call from our Creator to be ever ready for His imminent return. On that day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Him as Lord. Even those who previously rejected Him will be forced to acknowledge His identity. It will be the most terrifying day in all of history. Worldviews will come crashing down. Fear and shock will ripple across the globe in a furious instant. False religions will be blasted away with a trumpet. Atheist and agnostic, Anglican and Baptist alike will kneel before King Jesus. Some to their glory due to their faith in Him, some to their doom due to their rejection of Him. The thought of this day is both awesome and terrifying.

Are we, who know the truth about this day, to remain silent?

Should we omit judgment, sin, heaven, hell, repentance and forgiveness in our conversations in order to not offend?

What is the most responsible, loving thing to do, knowing this truth about the future day of our Lord’s return?

Our Lord lovingly gave us directions. We are to be ready for His return. We are also to keep our lamps burning.

But what does it mean to keep your lamps burning?

In Jesus’ day, they had no power grid. They had no electricity, electric co-op, switches or municipal electric bills. They had to make their own light by burning oil and candles. In today’s lingo we would say, keep your phones charged up and ready. Ready for what? Ready for shining light in dark places and dark times. Brothers and Sisters, we live in a very, very dark time and now more than ever we who know the truth about Judgement Day need to be shining our lights everywhere we can! Jesus never says, light your lamp when it is convenient, or when it won’t offend others, He said keep it burning at all times, ever ready for His return, and the salvation of others.

The most offensive thing we as Christians can do is keep our mouths shut. People all around you are living a lie, a lie that is applauded around the globe. They say there is no God. They applaud sin. They detest Biblical moral accountability. They reject a moral lawgiver and His judgement. Some, on the other hand, have simply never heard His side, His sacrifice, or of His love for them. Who will they hear the Gospel from if not you, Christian?

Tell them God created the universe and everything in it. Tell them man brought sin into His creation and corrupted it.

Tell them He sent His only Son to live a sinless life and die an innocent death to pay for our sins.

Tell them by faith in Jesus’s atoning sacrifice and repentance of their sin they can be reconciled to their Creator.

Tell them He will return and on that day, they will not fear Him, but kneel before Him a redeemed child of the King!

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