Make Yourself Available

by Paul List:

In today’s fast paced and busy world, our schedules are packed, jam-packed. A daily routine could easily be detailed down to the minute, with little free time for non-scheduled activities. Basements and garages are full of dusty hobbies that we no longer have time for. Family members are only seen at weddings and funerals. Friends are contacted via our news feed on social media with a “like “or a “winky face”. More often than not, we do not even talk on the phone, why bother when we can text as we multi-task. We are consumed by ourselves in our schedules.

The Christian is no exception; we are just as busy, if not busier than other people are. We have the same schedule as the rest of the world, but with the addition of church activities. Services, dinners, meetings, events, seminars, practices, rehearsals, revivals, and on and on litter our annual calendars, more often than not leading to burnout.

Let’s re-examine a familiar passage in a different light. The “Good Samaritan” passage in Luke 10:29-37 is commonly taught as a passage that is focused on demonstrating the need to see anyone as your neighbor. This is true, race, gender, nationality etc. do not bar us from showing the love of God to anyone and is a correct interpretation and application. However, I’d like to shine some light on an aspect of this passage that challenges us today. The only one who took time out of his schedule to help the beaten man was the Samaritan. The priest and the Levite were too indifferent and/or too busy to lend a hand.

We also can fall into this lie; we are too busy for other people’s problems. We justify our indifference with our prideful schedules. We simply do not have time to love our neighbor because we are too busy. We do not share the Gospel because we are too busy. We do not disciple others because we are too busy. We do not spend time in prayer because we are too busy. We do not have to time to obey the Great Commission because we are too busy. We do not obey the two greatest commands of Jesus, (love God and love your neighbor) because we are too busy. We will busy ourselves right into the grave, never allowing time for the Holy Spirit to guide us.

This Fall, schedule time for your God and your neighbor. Nurse your spiritual life in addition to your physical life. Re-examine your routine and see if it can be altered in any way to allow discipleship of one another. Don’t be that person who never has time. Make yourself available, put your “yes” on the table and let God lead you. Schedule times in your week where there is absolutely nothing for you to do but pray that the Lord would guide you to meet with and encourage someone, read through a book in the Bible, go on a one-hour mission trip to Wal-Mart.

Make yourself available!


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