The Two Divergent Paths of Unfiltered Truth

by Paul List:

When we read the New Testament, we encounter something greater than ourselves. We encounter Jesus Christ. His love for us and His hate for sin are ever present in all of His words and His actions. He sees through people’s words, actions, appearances and peers directly into their souls. The rich and poor alike are exposed before His gaze. Nothing is hidden from Him. He sees all. It is a scary thought.

We live in a filtered world today. Social media can be manipulated to show a seemingly perfect life. We scan through dozens of pictures and post only the best. We un-friend sources of negativity and delete comments that detract from our glory. The next generation of Americans will grow up thinking and believing this is how the world works, and this is how God sees me; as I want to be seen, not as I truly am.

This is an illusion.

When we encounter the Lord, there is no filter. He sees all. This fact of reality should raise some strange feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach. This feeling is called remorse, and it is step one. Here we encounter a crossroads. When we encounter remorse for our sins, we have two options. The first choice is to ignore the remorse, and look around for distractions to make us forget about our sin. This usually includes more sin. This path never leads to a relief from the remorse, it just adds to it. Eventually, this leads to depression, despair, destruction of relationships and careers and destructive habits. The Bible tells us this path leads to eternal separation from God; this path leads to Hell. What a depressing line of thought. This world would indeed be a very dark place if God had not provided option number two.

The second response to remorse is repentance. Instead of turning back to sin in another form for distraction leading to destruction, we can turn away from sin and turn to God. He made a path for forgiveness of sin by dying on the cross for your sins, and my sins. Repent, turn away from sin and look to the cross. There you will see a very narrow, but beautiful road that leads to a very different place. When we repent, we do not turn to distraction, we turn to truth. Truth is the rarest thing in today’s world. There is no filter on Jesus. He hung naked on the cross, not for His sins, but for ours. Moreover, when we repent of our sins and recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the Father no longer sees our sins and us, He now sees His perfect, spotless Son! Moreover, He forgives our sin, what a beautiful picture of grace, love and sacrifice. Option two leads to reconciliation and eternal life in heaven.

Which will you choose?

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