An Exhortation to Consider

by Paul List:

Dear brothers and sisters;

Have you ever made a promise and failed to keep it?

I am guilty of this. My daughters constantly, but lovingly, pester me to promise to take them to the park, or the pool, or to go fishing. Sometimes I am faithful and carry out the promised trip, and all is well. However, we live in a sinful, fallen world where it is just not possible to keep every promise. Sometimes I forget, or they forget. Sometimes we get busy, tired, it rains, or any number of situations come up and the promise is broken. I am incapable of perfection, and so are you.

If the church were founded on a regular person, I would have no part of it. I would not be a member. I would not be a Pastor. I would not tithe, attend, or even think twice about wasting a single hour on prayer. Christmas would be about gifts and Easter would be chocolate centered. Sundays would be or fishing, or football. However, the church is not founded on a regular, sinful person now is it? The church is founded on the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. He is fully man and fully God, without sin and incapable of not keeping His promises.

Our risen Savior Jesus Christ is faithful to His promises. He will return. He will raise the dead. He will judge each one according to our deeds. He will pardon those who submit to His Lordship and obey His commands. He will write our names in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He will bring us into eternity to worship Him and reign with Him forever. He is also faithful to keep His promises of eternal damnation and separation for those who do not submit to His Lordship and do not obey His commands. It is by His grace alone that our faith alone will draw us to Him and call Him Lord of our eternal souls.

Take some time and consider the age-old question we see repeatedly in the Gospels, “Who is this Jesus?” Who do you say that Jesus is? Is He your only hope of life, both now and forever? Is He the sole Lord of your life? Is there anything you would not do if Jesus commanded you? Will Jesus, who commands and created the natural and spiritual realms of existence, keep His promises?

Let these questions sink deep into your heart, mind and souls.

Share these questions with others.

Break free of silence and proclaim Him Lord of your life, both now and forever!

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