A Prayer

Dear God,

I’m worn out today.

I know that You’re good, that You’re powerful, that You’re greater than anything and everything that has ever existed.

In my head and in my heart, I know these truths.

But knowing them and living them are two different things.

I don’t blame you for the junk that goes on in this world. People can do whatever they please and that’s because of Your grace and love. You let us chose what we are going to be and what we are going to do; what we believe and how we act on that belief; what we hear and what we feel. Today, I feel exhausted. Today, I thirst for peace in my soul. Today, I come to surrender everything to you: my heart, my pride, my hurt, my need, my wants, my family, my friends, everything. Through the word, I know every good thing in my life is from You and I am thankful. So thankful, Lord, that I give it all back to You, in service to You, in dependence on You, for Your joy.

Refresh my heart today, God. Supply my need, God, not my want. You alone are able to settle my uneasy mind. You alone are able to still the swirling tumult bubbling inside. My spirit is vexed within me. I need Your provision.

I will anchor myself to the Rock, to Your Son who gave His life for mine. I am Yours Father, because of what you did for me at the cross; all the blessings in my life come from You, Most High God. Thank you for that.

I sing of your mercy and your grace; my heart is set free and soars with Your joy as I lift my eyes to You and proclaim Your goodness, O God Almighty.

Father, give me strength for today. Lord, direct my steps and lead me in the paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake. Lead me where You want me to go. I am Yours and I am humbled that I can say You are mine.

May Your will be done in my life, now and forever more.


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